Friday, January 20, 2012

Why My County Is Cooler Than Your County

While your county thinks that illegal drugs are evil, mine's investigating the benefits of selling Pot in liquor stores.

While your county contributes to the very destruction of the planet by encouraging people to use dreadful plastic bags, or perhaps charges a measly 5 cents fee for them, mine's looking to slap whopping 20 fee per bag.

While your county hires some top dollar design firm to create your next car decal, my county puts our brilliant high schoolers to work (Newt Gingrich would be so proud!) and have them contribute designs. And unlike your county where the fat-cats decide which design to use, my county takes a vote among residents.

While your county's property values went down because we're in the greatest recession, well, since ever, my county's property values went up (oh, and so will our taxes. D'oh!).

So there!

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