Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Another Geocaching First

This last weekend, I had about an hour of playtime with our 7 year old before we needed to meet back up with Shira. Given the success we've had, I figured trying for another geocache would be a good use of our time.

We went after this one, which had the two criteria I've find to be most important: (a) it was recently found (the day before!) and (b) it was large enough to contain some goodies for our little one.

This was also a fun one, because the map placed the cache in the middle of 4 Mile Run - not the road, but the body of water. How was that going to work? We soon found out.

While I used the GPS to get us in the right neighborhood, it was our 7 year old who actually found the cache! No hints or nudges from me, he outright found it while I was off poking around in the wrong location.

If you still haven't tried Geocaching, what are you waiting for? You know your phone has a free App for that, right? It's an easy and local way to have some outdoor fun.

A few snapshots from the area around the cache.

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