Sunday, November 04, 2012

Good Minions Are Hard To Find

I feel for this guy (or gal?), I really do. In an effort to help him out, I'm reposting his craigslist ad verbatim:

Evil Genius needs minions to run innocuous "front" operation while plotting world domination.

Good phone personality to disguise our true intent. Computer literate, Minimum need of good Excel, Word skill. Familiarity with social network sites and internet for cyberstalking enemies and frustrating UN, MI-6 and CIA attempts to block nefarious plans. (and also to find decent Thai & Sushi delivery services).

Good organizational skills including billing, filing, and stocking of supplies for front operation. Will teach bookkeeping, office management, and care and cleaning of automatic weapons.

Long hours, low pay, occasional need to lift heavy items into Van or car trunk. (Discretely).

Serious inquiries only.

Of course, I'm usually more concerned with finding minyans, than minions, but either way, a good one is hard to find.

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