Monday, November 19, 2012

Wear This, Not That, Exercise Edition

Is 54°F cold? During fall, sure. During spring, probably not. It's just all so relative. Which means that for years I've set off on a run wearing the wrong clothes because my intuition was all wrong.

Why, a few months ago I hit the road on a 50° night wearing long sleeves, long pants and a windbreaker. After a mile of running I was cooking. What could I possibly have been thinking?

For years, I've imagined tracking what worked and didn't work in the clothing department, and then being able to use that as a guide for future activities. Yet, I never seemed to get around to setting up this trivial spreadsheet.

The madness ends tonight.

Below is a spreadsheet I hope to fill in with notes to my self that will hopefully avoid me going out with all the wrong gear on.

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