Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loving life on my new Galaxy S3

Shira took advantage of a promotion this weekend to pick up a Galaxy S3 for free (well, free plus 2 years indebtitude to T-mobile by extending our contract). So far, I'm loving the device.

The huge screen makes typing on it much more sane. I had Shira's myTouch 4G for months and still made typos because the closely spaced keys, not so on the S3.

I've retired a few apps because the Google version is now more or less standard. That includes trading phonefusion for Google Voice and  appbrain for installing from the desktop version of They were pioneering apps in their day, but have given way to more standard solutions.

I was most looking forward to the camera on board the
S3, and so far it hasn't disappointed. It appears to blow away any cell phone camera I've ever had in both terms of speed and quality. Though I always felt I managed to pick phones with dud cameras.

Time will tell if I buy into some of the gimmicky features, like saying "shoot" to snap a photo or using NFC, but for now I'm just satisfied with having a super sharp super fast phone.

Kuddos to my wife for getting me the device, I never would have taken the leap, and after 24hrs I'm so sold.

Attached are a few snapshots to show the quality of the camera.

Any tips or ticks for the S3 you'd like to share?

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  1. Disable TMobile collecting data on us.
    Settings → Back up and reset → Collect diagnostics. Uncheck. Close.

    Disable TMobile "Wifi Calling"
    Settings → More settings. Uncheck "Wi-Fi Calling".

    Voice Recorder: Store to memory card.

    Set default preferences in the camera.

    iSyncr to sync with iTunes. Cover art downloader for covers.

    Install Cerberus!!!