Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Reason To Love Jones Point Park

A few days ago I mentioned what a gem Jones Point Park is in Alexandria. Well, I've got another reason to love the park: it's a most excellent kids biking location.

We're trying to teach our 7 year old how to bike on trails, which is a tricky transition to make considering how busy the trails near us are. But Jones Point Park has just the features we need to make practicing low stress.

First off, the park has a massive and empty parking lot that was great fun for him to just ride around in. Second of all, there were a number of marked pathways he could practice on before getting on the Mt. Vernon Trail itself. The section of Mt. Vernon trail that goes through the park is flat and pristine, which made for a gentle first trail attempt. Finally, there are a couple of playgrounds in the park, so when he was ready to take a break from riding he had an easy activity to switch to.

He did well on the trail, and I assume in no time, he'll be racking up the miles. Kids just learn this stuff so amazingly fast.

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