Friday, November 02, 2012

Cox Farms and Playing the role of responsible adult

Yesterday was a first: I tagged along with our 7 year old's class to act as a chaperon for their trip to Cox Farms. When I arrived, I was instructed to watch over our son and one of his friends. Other parents seemed to be wrangling larger groups, but I guess someone either took pity on me, or didn't think I was ready for a larger group. Either way, the chaperoning gig couldn't have been easier. My goal: have them back to the bus on time, and not require use of the first aid kit.

Cox Farms was an excellent place to visit. It was both similar to, and yet different from the recently visited Great County Farms. Both places had large slides and plenty of areas to run around. Cox Farms had a fairly long hay ride that kept the kids attention without scaring them. Great Country Farms had more maze options than the adult corn maze both have. Both are great on a sunny day for kids who like to get out and play.

The highlight of the trip was feeding the goats. Both boys were eager to feed them, but once their hands were filled with food and the goats crowded on top of each other, they got incredibly skittish. When they finally figured out the goats weren't going to bite their fingers off, they totally got into it.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Not quite sure the educational value of it all, but I suppose it was the kind of shared fun experience that adults use for team building.

And I managed to get the kids back to the bus with all their digits and let's just call that a win.

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