Monday, July 08, 2013

A Wedding Personal-Surival-Kit (PSK)

My brother is getting married in a bit, and I felt it was my responsibility to properly equip him for the big day. Rather than prepare a full-blown-handle-anything wedding day kit, I made him a personal one. Of course, it's in an Altoids Tin. I tried to keep the contents focused on actual wedding day needs; I'm assuming he won't have to start a fire or catch fish on his big day. Thought I could be wrong.

Why a Personal Kit and not the kitchen sink version?

  • I'm a firm believer that smaller kits will go more places. He can toss this in a pants pocket at the start of the day and keep it nearby no matter where he or his bride are.
  • Fewer items means that you know exactly what you're carrying, and can quickly put it to use.
  • A smaller kit promotes of life's most important skills: Learn to Improvise. I believe if you can make do with what you have, you're already a good way towards a successful and happy marriage.
  • The wedding planner already has the big kit covered. So yeah, what I'm providing is pretty much symbolic. But who knows, the kit may still save the day. We'll see.


  • Altoids Tin
  • 2ft of Gorilla Tape (essentially fancy Duct Tape)
  • (1) cough drop with the handy message "You've survived worse" printed on it
  • (1) sewing kit with multiple colors of threads, needles, a button and a small safety pin
  • (2) bobby pins
  • (1) large safety pin
  • (1) penny
  • (1) sharpie
  • (4) ibuprofen tablets
  • (2) Pepto-Bismol tablets
  • (1) hair rubber band
  • (1) multi-tool with small blade, scissors, file and most importantly bottle opener
  • (8) quotes/jokes about marriage for use in off-the-cuff speeches
  • (2) band-aids (not pictured)

A few comments on the contents:

I really like the multi-tool, it's compact, inexpensive, fits an Altoids Tin and most importantly is actually functional. It should work well for opening packages or trimming stray threads.

Why a penny? Dozens of reasons! Randomly, I selected a penny from the year my Brother was born. That makes it Lucky, right?

About the only item I didn't fit in there that I wanted to was one of those stain remover sticks. I'll have to keep an eye out for one.


  1. What about the ring?

  2. Beverly - an excellent suggestion!

    Maybe I should slip some tinfoil and a piece of cardboard into the kit: instant ring, right?