Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Power of a Chutzpah in Two Stories

Story #1: All you need is a clipboard, whistle and a heck of a lot of chutzpah:

Trying to get tickets at Alpine Valley, wanted to see Eric Clapton, live in concert, and NOT in the nose bleed section, friend and I got up real early, drove out there, to find a lot of people already standing around waiting to the ticket booth to open.

After a while, a guy with an Alpine Valley t-shirt, Alpine Valley cap, clip board and a whistle.

About 10 min before the window opened....He blows the whistle, waving his clip board around, and had every one line up.....was kinda surprised it wasn't in alphabetical order or by in grade school.

So, everyone does get in line, like the sheeple we are........Window opens and he was the first in line.......buys his tickets and left.

200 people just stood there wondering what had just happened.....LOL

Story #2: The fastest ambulance? A motorcycle.

This relatively short TEDmed talk explains the origins of United Hatzalah, an effort in Israel to deliver first aid in minutes. On the surface a smart phone based, volunteer powered, scooter riding life saving force doesn't seem all that crazy. Yet, when you consider that it was originally started by a 17 year old who was laughed out of the room by seasoned EMTs, you appreciate that only in hindsight was the idea obvious. Add to this the fact that Jews and Arabs seamlessly work together to save each other's lives, and you know this is something special. Here, give the video a watch to see what I mean:

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