Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Videos that Moved Me: A Little, A Little More and A Lot

Over the last couple days I've seen some random videos, that well, moved me. Or, they at least left a big enough of an impression that I've got to share.

Moved me Level: A Little

First up, C4 Random Acts: 'This Way Up'. This video should get an award for Best Use of a Cardboard Box. Want to shoot a film and need to represent a rip in the space-time continuum? Forget the special effects, and use a cardboard box and basic editing techniques. See what I mean:

C4 Random Acts: 'This Way Up' from Spike Morris on Vimeo.

Also in the "yeah, I can't get this video out of my head" is this video by Louis Vuitton reciting a famous speech from Muhammad Ali:

Louis Vuitton "Dream" - Directed by Stuart McIntyre in collaboration with Ogilvy Paris from Steam Films on Vimeo.

Moved me Level: A Little More

In the Moved me a little more category, you've got this set of videos from the Everybody Streets documentary. The Everbody Streets movie tells the story of a number of street photographers in New York. I really enjoyed the interviews they provided as outtakes. There's just a special feeling conveyed when you hear someone talk about something they love doing and feel honored that they've gotten to do it. Plus, New Yorkers can be so awesome with their in-your-face attitude.

Moved me Level: A Lot

And finally in the Moved me a Lot department, I give you Mike DeStefano: Franny's Last Ride. I had a driveway moment yesterday as I refused to leave my car until I heard how the story ended. Life is about magical moments; ones you simply can't manufacture. The best you can do is take risks and embrace them when they do happen.

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