Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Difference Between Seeing and Paying Attention

For just about 4 months now, at 1:57pm I've been pushing away from my desk and taking a walk. And just about every weekday, I walk exact same path. Today, along my usual route I was struck to see a rather healthy collection of these plants:

Look familiar? They should, I blogged about them for the first time earlier this morning. My best estimate it that it's either Queen Ann's Lace or some poisonous look-alike.

The two big take aways I have from this:

1. Wow, how oblivious can one be? Perhaps they weren't in full bloom until recently, and so I might have a small excuse. But really, who are we kidding? I just haven't been paying attention. This is actually been one of the enjoyable parts of walking the same route frequently; you get a chance to discover new things that you'd normally take no notice of.

2. You don't need to go to some far off, exotic location to spot interesting plants. The weeds on the side of the road will do just fine. This applies to wild edibles, too.

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