Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Hiking Kit, v3.0

As I was packing up camping gear from our last trip I came across an extra Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheet (a fancy mylar blanket). I noticed the rectangular shape and wondered how it might fit into a Snack Bag Size Ziploc bag (6.5 x 3.3"). Somewhat surprisingly, it fit perfectly. In fact, it had just enough room left over to add in a Mini Bic lighter.

I give you Day Hiking Kit v3.0, an even leaner than 2.0 and downright nano-sized compared to v1.0:


A kit like this only works if (a) you're carrying most of the outdoor essentials in your pockets already (knife, flashlight, compass, whistle, etc.), (b) for less intense day-hikes (for a monster hike in the backcountry, I'm still bringing v2.0) and (c) if you consider that your highest priority in a survival situation isn't food or water, it's shelter (hence the importance of the mylar blanket).

For a simple area day hike, especially on days when I've already got my pockets bulging, this little kit should be about all I need.

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