Friday, July 26, 2013

Birds, Bees and a Geocache

Yesterday I had some errands to run with our 8 year old near Potomac Yards in Alexandria. When the errands were done, we decided to squeeze in a quick Geocaching session. We decided we'd go after this cache: GC3YW66: Charlie Brown Tree. It was located an oddly shaped green space I hadn't ever explored:

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What we found there was a delightful little nature trail, birds chirping, lots of bees buzzing and interesting views of a cool looking swamp. We had no problem finding the cache, so I'd definitely consider this one an excellent choice for a beginner.

From poking around, I can't even find a name for this little slice of nature. I suppose you might consider it as part of the Potomac Greens development or something. All I know is that it is a perfect place to explore if you've got the time, especially for kids. The park is relatively close to the Metro tracks, so if you're little one doesn't like birds and flowers, you can always resort to a little trainspotting.

As we were walking back to the car, I spied what appeared to be my new favorite plant: Queen Ann's Lace. We pulled up a stalk and gave it a whiff; what do you know, it does smell like carrot! (Because it is carrot, wild carrot, that is.) Hey, I'll take my discoveries wherever I can get them.

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