Wednesday, October 16, 2013

25 Uses for Atheltic Tape on the Trail

If I'm going to carry some piece of gear, like say athletic tape to deal with sprains, it sure does make sense to think about other ways it can be put to use. So here you are, 25 ways to use athletic tape on the trail.

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Have any suggestions to add? With something like tape, there's always more uses!

  1. First aid for a sprained ankle
  2. Tape your knee for additional support
  3. Create a pressure bandage
  4. Cover blisters to provide protection from further rubbing
  5. Tape hands and fingers to provide protection during rock scrambling
  6. Lash a shelter together
  7. Make a sunglass keeper
  8. Make a necklace to hold light gear (i.e., a whistle) nearby
  9. Hang gear from a tree to dry
  10. Attach a flashlight to a hat or other piece of gear for an improvised headlamp
  11. Combine with sticks to create a rigid splint
  12. Use with a mylar blanket or garbage bag to make a better fitting emergency poncho
  13. Repair ripped clothing
  14. Create arrows or lettering to share info with a search team
  15. Use the adhesive to remove cactus spines
  16. Rip off and keep small pieces of tape to use as a counter / improvised ranger beads
  17. Create a hair band to keep your hair out of your face
  18. Attach money or ID to your gear
  19. Label your gear
  20. Tape a bundle of gear together that's being cached for later
  21. Make an emergency set of glasses
  22. Add racing strips / visibility stripes to dark clothing
  23. Make a quick release attachment for gear
  24. Fashion a zipper pull
  25. Leave as bread crumbs along the trail

Bonus guy friendly tip: cover your nipples to avoid chafing!

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