Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Another Potomac Heritage Trail Running Report

The Potomac Heritage Trail from Theodore Roosevelt Island parking lot to Windy Run is an excellent little trail run, right in Arlington itself. The trail is free enough of obstacles that you can jog it with relative ease, yet it's challenging enough that you feel like you're in the back country and not running in a city park.

This last weekend, we thought we'd try running another section of the trail, specially from Windy Run to Chain Bridge:
View Potomac Heritage Trail: Windy Run to Chain Bridge in a larger map

This section of trail, I'm sorry to report, actually makes for pretty poor trail running. The obstacle to runnable ground ratio just isn't there. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic hike, with delightful little rock scrambles. But, don't expect to cover it at anything resembling a runner's pace. Unless of course, you've got mad trail running skills, in which case, what the heck are you reading my blog for? You should be off video'ing yourself running down a cliff or something.

Some scenes from the trail:

By the way, I brought along some atheltic tape this run, and actually taped up Shira's knee a bit to give it some extra support. I'm sure an athletic trainer would have been mortified with my technique, but Shira tells me it was at least partially effective. Chalk another one up for being prepared!

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