Tuesday, October 08, 2013

You'll never guess where Washington, DC's Reservoir Road leads to

I've been on Reservoir Road in DC plenty of times, but I never really considered the name. Turns out, it may be one of the most honest things in DC: it actually takes you to the Georgetown Reservoir. Who knew?

I found this out because I decided to make the Reservoir the destination for my evening run. Here's the route I took:

View Georgetown Reservoir in a larger map

Unfortunately, the reservoir has a tall fence and doesn't appear to have a path that goes around it (I arrived after dark, it was hard to confirm this). So, unlike other reservoir's we've been to, this one isn't ideal. But, definitely worth checking out.

Like I said, I arrived after dark so my pictures had to be a bit creative:

As a bonus, I was treated to an amazing sunset as I ran across the Key Bridge:

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