Monday, October 21, 2013

Meeting Nora, Exploring Reston

Nora is precious. Nora is perfect. Nora's just a few weeks old.

Nora happens to live in Reston (with her sisters and Mommy and Daddy). So yesterday, while visiting Her (and her sisters and her Mommy and Daddy) we took a walk. I was expecting a typical walk through surface streets, but was instead was treated to a terrific little hike along a trail. Turns out, Reston has 55 miles of such trails, something I had no idea about. I just assumed they had the Town Center and the usual suburban sprawl. Apparently, I couldn't have been more wrong.

So yesterday, in perfect weather, we got to tramp through leaves, do a little goecaching (which eluded us, argh!) and even saw a few deer, like this guy:

It was the perfect way to spend the morning, and I walked a way a more educated man.

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