Friday, October 04, 2013

Shutdown shenanigans: Trying to be on both sides of the issue

Here's what blows my mind about the the National Park Shutdown controversy: Republicans choose to shutdown the government. If I take then at their word, it's to save me from Obamacare. Fine.

And then they are outraged, Outraged I say!, that people are impacted by the shutdown. How dare WWII veterans be turned away from monuments?!

What did they think was going to happen when you shutdown the government? That nobody would feel it?

Even if the shutdown of these monuments is the the result of some overzealous bureaucrat, that's missing the point. Real people are really impacted by the decision to close the government, and I've got news for you, many of them have far worse repercussions than a ruined vacation.

You simply can't have both ways: priase a shutdown and then proclaim yourself the protector of those who you've impacted. And yet, that's exactly what some Republicans have done.

I've got two words for who think this shutdown is necessary: Own It.

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