Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Pen is Mightier than the the Pricing Gun

You see that red, handwritten word on the package of chocolate chips below?

It says the word "Sample" and the initials of an employee at Whole Foods.

Shira was looking for the usual Vegan chocolate chips she buys and they were all out. A random employee saw her searching, and asked if he could help. After determining they had none in the back, he suggested she try another option. I wasn't there, but she tells me that he then took out a pen and marked them as a sample. Poof. They were were free.

When checking out, there was no charge or static from the person ringing her up. Apparently, this practice is an accepted one.

Can you imagine having a business where every employee has permission to give away products if they feel its in the best interest of the store? What a terrific way to demonstrate trust to both employees and customers alike.

Good job Whole Foods. Yet another example of superior customer service.

As long as we're talking Whole Foods, check out this video. It pretty much nails every trip I've ever had to the store:

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