Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Inside The Polar Vortex

I've been waiting my entire blogging life to create a blog that uses Polar Vortex in the title, today I was finally given that chance.

While they claim it hit -10°F with windchill nearby, right now Weather.com is reporting that it's a balmy 20°F out with a feels like of 20°. This is a Polar Vortex, shouldn't I get frostbite just opening my door?

I took my usual walk today and captured these photos:

More important than my little snapshots, there are deals to be had! For example, show up in shorts to Tropical Smoothie and get a free 24oz smoothie.

As long as I'm sharing shots from around the neighborhood, I captured this guy yesterday:

I'm thinking he's some species of hawk. Man, if I had been carrying my DSLR with telephoto lens, I could have really captured some amazing pictures. Alas, all I had was my cell phone and a healthy fear of birds, so I kept my distance.

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  1. One thing the polar vortex has shown us is how woefully unprepared we are for the record cold temperatures we're experiencing. We're particularly misinformed when it comes to choosing winter warmup drinks. It seems to defy logic, but a cold beverage can help you hang on to body heat better than a hot one.
    Remember that most of the world drinks hot tea in hot weather, and Alaska leads the nation in per capita ice cream consumption. It's counterintuitive but true—hot drinks cool you down and cold drinks warm you up.