Friday, January 24, 2014

Really, It's an Invitation.

This is the plaque David and Maryn recently gifted to me, and now hangs proudly in my "office:"

It reads: Please, Let me Drop everything and work on YOUR PROBLEM

See, you're almost certainly reading it wrong. It needs to be read not with a cynical, condescending tone, but with a tinge of excitement and optimism. Like, c'mon, let's solve some problems!

(It could also be read: "Let me work on your problems, so I don't have to think about my own")

Apparently, this philosophy can be a good thing.

Update: Never forget Rule #1 of dealing with your wife: She doesn't want you to solve her problems, she wants you to listen. So, that little plaque above is basically poison for your marriage. You've been warned. See also: this import training video.


  1. My aunt gave me a similar plaque for my birthday last year after I complained about being interrupted all the time at work. It sits on the bookshelf next to my desk. Until I read your post, I never thought about it in positive terms. But on thinking about it, I realize that most of the things I was doing that I hated being interrupted at, themselves started out as interruptions! And many – not all, but many – of those interruptions led to my learning things, meeting people, etc., I would otherwise have missed. It just takes a slight shift in perspective...

  2. @TechNeilogy -

    Glad I could help ;-)