Monday, January 13, 2014

So Cheesy. So Nutty. So Yummy.

You know how has winter dinners figured out? The Swiss. I figured this out years ago, when we traveled to Switzerland. Of course, I'm referring to their love of cheese fondue. Any culture that considers a big 'ol hot pot of cheese and bread for dipping as a recommended main course, is a winner in my book. Since our travels (8+ years ago!) I've kept an eye out for cheese fondue that I could make at home. But alas, the various packaged options I saw were never marked as Kosher.

And then a few weeks back it hit me, surely the Internet has my answer to Kosher cheese fondue. Of course it does. Cabot cheeses are Kosher, and they have a fondue recipe on their website.

Over the weekend, I pestered Shira enough, and she actually made it for dinner Saturday night. The only pot I had that resembled a fondue pot was a Hershey Kiss Chocolate Fondue Pot, but it did the job.

Here's an action shot!

To true connoisseurs of cheese fondue, I'm sure that improvised Cabot version is less than impressive. But to me, it passed the Yum! test. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I had just walked it from trekking through the Swiss Alps. Taste wise, it's a definite winner.

As if the cheese fondue wasn't a big enough experiment, Shira also made a batch of home made baklava:

It came out ridiculously good! But of course, with that much honey and nuts, I'm not sure how you could go wrong.

Yeah, so I was pretty much in culinary heaven this weekend.


  1. Thanks for the Cabot <3

  2. Gladly Wendy - thanks for making excellent (and Kosher!) cheese!