Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Joy of Discovered Slides

When we were finalizing my grandparent's estate I came across a big 'ol box of slides. Being the Chief Blogger of the family, I quickly volunteered to have them digitized and promised I would share the results with the rest of the fam. I shipped them off to and more or less forgot about them. At the end of last week, it hit me that it had been quite some time since I'd shipped them off and I feared the worst. And then a box arrived over the weekend with the slides and a CD.

I tried to have my expectations set relatively low. I had no idea the story behind these slides; for all I knew they didn't even belong to my grandparents, or were filled with blurry pictures of people I wouldn't know. I figured that if I got just a couple of images out of the batch that were worth it, the whole project would be a success. I popped in the CD, copied the files locally and started browsing. What I found was absolutely fantastic.

First off, there are some wonderful pictures of my grandparents and other family. I'll be sharing those in other posts. But even the photos of vacations and general scenery are great.

Consider these vacation pics my Grandparents took:

They were real adventurers!

And how about this photo here:

It's clearly Chicago in the distance. But check out the cars on the roadway - everyone is driving the same tank-like vehicle. How cool is that?

And check out this photo:

It's nice and all, but compare it to this one:

I'm almost 100% certain that both those photos were taken in the same spot in Butchart Gardens. Imagine that, we were standing in the same location separated by perhaps 30 years? Amazing.

Even seemingly nebbish photos like this one are special:

For years, I'd heard my parents talk about how our home looked before the additional to the back. And there it is, the porch they always spoke of!

I'm telling you, one day your children's children will thank you for all those photos you post to Facebook. Keep snapping. Keep blogging. They will be a treasure.

Update My Mom reminded me of an important point. The batch of photos only contains pictures of my oldest Brother and Oldest cousin. That's not a result of of first-grandchild-syndrome (you know, lots of pictures of one kid, and not so many of the next). Instead, it's a result of them switching from slides to prints. Good point, Ma. I suppose my assumption of my older Brother was getting all the attention was just me suffering from middle-child-syndrome.

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