Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Offline Tweeting

I took a short stroll through Theodore Roosevelt Island with my zoom lens at the ready, in a clumsy attempt to capture some of the birds on the island. While the results were far from Earth shattering, the process was fun. I focused on covering less ground, and doing more listening.

At first, the woods seem deserted, but given a little time, they do indeed come to life.

This female North American Cardinal was my first sighting, and while they are common around here, they're still pretty dang exotic looking.

And here's a Black Capped Chickadee. He's a feisty one.

When I first tried to ID this little ball of fuzz, I thought I had come across a Brown Thrasher. That would have been sweet, as they have the largest song vocabulary (over 1000) of any North America bird. Alas, I'm fairly certain he's a Carolina Wren. He's still cute.

And here's a woodpecker. Like the Cardinal above, he's common enough around here, and yet whenever I see one I feel like I've discovered something truly unique.

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