Monday, March 31, 2014

San Diego Adventure - Sunday

Our super short visit to San Diego is just about done. I'm tapping out this blog post from the departure gate, waiting to board.

On Saturday, we took a hike up a nearby mountain. Our friends brought their 3 1/2 year old and 5 month old along for the adventure. I was amazed at how much hiking the 3 1/2 year old did; he managed to summit a peak that would have been a stretch for many adults.

Along the way, we hit a number of Geocaches. These San Diego'ians don't mess around when it comes to Geocaching. There must have been almost 20 caches to hit between the house we were staying at and the top of the mountain.

While I took a Shabbos Nap, one of our friends took Shira up in his plane for a tour of the area. You can see a number of excellent aerial shots that she was able to grab. Apparently, as they landed, so did an F18 on a parallel runway. That's so cool.

Today was spent exploring more of Cabrillo National Monument and hanging with friends. As if we weren't enjoying ourselves enough, we received a weather report from back home: yes, it was snowing again. By us, it's been 3 perfect days of sunshine.

Enjoy the photos! Tomorrow, they'll be the closest we can get to weather perfection.

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