Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Running Through A Glimpse of Spring

Yesterday it got up to 70°F! It was the perfect day to take in a run, and I managed to pull Shira and Dawn away from the gym to do so. The result was about a 7 miler that started in Rosslyn and made our way up the Capital Crescent Trail and back down the C&O Canal Path. It was glorious!

A few pictures from the run.

First, a moment of Geek Pride. Yes, that's my wife's wrists -- she was running with not one, but *two* smart watches:

At our turn around point (Fletcher's Cove), Shira even managed to grab a picture of me. A rarity on my runs:

But mostly, nature was on display:

I got my little taste of Spring, and I'm ready for it to begin. Alas, "little" in the previous sentence is the operative word, by tomorrow the high should be 35°F. This has been the Winter that just doesn't want to let go.

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