Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How a Firefighter Sees The World vs. How You See The World

Yesterday I stumbled over Firefighter Paulie Capo's YouTube feed, and it's simply awesome. Capo provides some demonstration videos that show just how clever and skilled firefighters can be. I just love how he sees the world.

Consider, for example, the escape route Capo creates from a basement:

And when Capo needs to put a tool down, does he do so by laying it on the ground? Uh, no. He's got a much better place to store it:

Take something seemingly obviously, like an internal door. Firefighters remove them to get to a room, right? Well, that's only part of the story. Consider all the clever uses Capo has for said door:

And check out this clever hack. It's not as destructive as say, knocking a door off its hinges, but it's still mighty clever. By doing something as simple as carefully marking his tools, Capo adds a bunch off functionality to said tools. I'm thinking I can put this same trick to use for myself, though in a slightly different context.

OK, here's one more I can't resist sharing. Check out this repelling setup. I can almost hear you scoffing, you've been repelling since your Boy Scout days. But watch the whole sequence closely. He reppels to a flat section of building, yanks on the rope to free it. Then re-ties the rope. Then reppels. Then yanks on it again to retrieve it. Wrap your brain around that: he's tied a knot that's secure enough to hold his weight, yet can be untied with the flick of the wrist. We didn't learn that trick in Boy Scouts.

You can check out the rest of Capo's videos here. Definitely brilliant stuff.

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