Friday, March 07, 2014

LG G2 Review - Shira's Take

All in all, I consider Ben quite lucky in that I don't have a closet full of shoes and purses. My vice: loving a brand new cell phone. Which is why it is ever so impressive that I had had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for over two years. It killed me not to buy the S4, but it just wasn't enough of an upgrade to justify it, even for me.

My S3 stopped working a few weeks ago, and even though the plan was to keep the S3 until the S5 came out, a girl has to have a working cell phone, and reverting to my S2 (which surprisingly holds its own) just didn't seem fair.

I took this opportunity to branch from the Samsung lineage and I tried out the LG G2. I had been warned against the button on the back, so I was a bit apprehensive, but here are my thoughts, after 1 week of ownership.

I love it! In a nutshell, it has a beautiful screen, it is zippy and it has amazing battery life. The button on the back isn't bothersome at all. Most of the time I use the Knock-knock feature of just being able to tap on the screen twice to get it to turn on or off, but even when I use the button, it isn't inconvenient at all. It connected without a problem to my Pebble watch. The voice recognition and the voice notifications both work incredibly well. I love that you can access the camera or widgets of your choice even when the screen is locked. Many reviews have been done on the phone, so I won't say anything more other than it is not a huge leap to move from the Samsung family to the LG family, and it is a dream to have a phone that doesn't drain battery juice.

The only issues that I have found are self-inflicted. I bought the international version of the phone off of Amazon rather than directly from T-Mobile. Thus, I am currently not able to take advantage of T-Mobile's rollout of Kit-Kat 4.4.2, nor do I have T-Mobile's Wifi calling on my phone. But, I feel better that I can buy a new phone whenever I want to. Like when the LG G3 comes out?

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