Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Running with a side order of (stream) hopping

Hard to believe that it's nearing the end of March, and yet last night I tackled a run through snowy woods. I incorporated Potomac Overlook Park and Donaldson Run (along with Windy Run) into my evening jog, and the results were pretty awesome.

With all the recent snow, the stream crossings were quite a bit more challenging than they are in the summer (though not nearly as challenging as they could be). I'm proud to report that I managed to hop from rock to rock without ending up on my butt. Yes, both feet got drenched, but I managed to stay vertical.

Here's the route I took, which you can see is mostly on city streets, with a dose of trail running for good measure:

View Military Road to Donaldson Run to Windy Run in a larger map

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