Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the mood for a little control - listening to Air Traffic Control

Depending on my mood, and the task I'm working on, I might want to listen to ambient beats, bird song or just whatever Pandora wants to serve up. Heck, there are times when I'll just rock out to the latest popular music (whatever that is) on YouTube.

Other times, music doesn't do it for me. Sometimes, when I'm working late at night I'll tune into Arlington's police band, so I can listen to what shenanigans my neighbors are up to.

This weekend, I thought of a new audio source: why not listen to the local air traffic control tower? The scanner app I use didn't list airports in the directory, but with a quick Google search I was able to find liveatc.net.

After just a few clicks, I found my way to DCA's tower audio streams. The audio stream has been working quite reliably.

Listening to air traffic control is like overhearing a vastly different dialect than my own. Sure, the words may be English, but I've got(almost) no idea what they are talking about. But there's something calming about the whole thing, as I imagine planes are being sent too and fro at the request of an anonymous voice.

Click here to give a listen and see what I mean.

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