Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Few Oh-Crap-It's-Election-Day-Don't-Panic Resources

It's election day, and I'm feeling unprepared. Here's a handful of links I found that allow for easy comparison of candidates. Do you have any you'd add to the list?

United States Senate: Ed W. Gillespie vs. Mark R. Warner vs. Robert C. Sarvis

House of Representatives, 8th District: Micah K. Edmond vs. Donald S. Beyer, Jr. vs. Jeffrey S. Carson vs. Gerard C. “Gerry” Blais III vs. Gwendolyn J. Beck

County Board: Alan E. Howze vs. John E. Vihstadt

School Board: Audrey R. Clement vs. Barbara J. Kanninen

County Bond Referendum Questions

Other Useful Resource

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