Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Believe I Can Fly. Or, at least bounce with gusto.

Here's a recipe for kid Nirvana: fill up a large space with trampolines. Add a continuously run a dodge-ball game and basketball dunking area on said trampolines. And just for the heck of it, add a pit of foam squares children can launch themselves into with complete disregard for their safety. Intrigued? I give you Sky Zone, "the world’s first indoor trampoline park."

Shira and I watched with awe as the kids dove, literally at times, head first into the action. Even Shira and I got in some bouncing time. I got targeted big time by the kids while playing dodge-ball. It was like out of a scene where the inmates play the guards in football, only I was the guard and the children were the inmates and they finally saw a way to bring the pain!

Shira and I were both impressed by the operation at Sky Zone. The staff kept a close eye on the kids, and the place was as safe as one could expect. It wasn't exactly dirt cheap; but for a once in a while adventure, it was definitely worth it. It's certainly an activity you should drag your children to at least once in their lives. And don't blame me if you end up at urgent care...

Some photos of the kids at play:

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