Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Closest I'll Ever Come To Growing My Own Etrog

Of the 20+ etrog seeds I planted this year, it looks like 3 have germinated. Check out a few close ups of two of them:

These may not look like much, but anytime life emerges from the dirt I'm in awe.

As long as I was in the plating spirit, and having just identified amaranth in the wild, I figured I might as well throw a few of the tiny seeds I had lying around in some dirt and see what happens. I found this YouTube seed-starer recommendation to be a winner. All you need are a couple of toilet paper rolls, a Tupperware container, some dirt and a sheet of plastic wrap. The video walks you through making a tiny greenhouse, which I plopped on top of our water heater to simulate toasty conditions. A few days after planting the seeds there was life!

At this point, I don't have high hopes for either the etrog seeds or the amaranth. But, just watching the plants peek through the soil is reward enough for me.

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