Monday, November 10, 2014

Photo Fun in Fall Philly

This past Sunday, as we headed up to see my Niece star in her school play, we stopped in Fairmont Park for a quick picnic. When Shira was in college, she lived under 2 miles away from the park, yet at the time, it seemed a world away.

With the shining sun, crisp air and wonderfully colored leaves, it was a quintessential fall day. The kind that makes you think, "wow, there may be something to these 'seasons'." Don't worry, frigid days are ahead which will wipe this thought from your brain.

Still, with such a perfect setting how could I resist playing photographer? So Shira had to suffer through a photo shoot. At the same time, the ducks in the pond were also fun to photograph. Don't ask me which subject I shot more photos of.

All I know is that I continue to be fascinated by Philadelphia, and every time I visit I find more I want to explore.


  1. Shira- you're still drop dead gorgeous !!

    1. Oh, thank you, Shelley! I'll give the credit to my photographer. :) Hey, if you pass through DC migrating south for the winter, let us know!