Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Means Something to Someone, Columbia Pike Edition

Last Tuesday, as I had codes and code breaking on my brain, I couldn't help but notice a few coded messages just waiting to be cracked as Shira and I took a walk down Columbia Pike. Here's a few of the more interesting specimens I found. These all mean something to someone.

OK, this rock isn't a mystery to me and it's technically not located right on the pike (it's a few hundred feet off, on a side street). But none the less, this SW No. 6 DC Boundary Marker is too cool not to include on the list:

For the last 222 years or so, this chunk of rock has done it's part to mark of the 10 by 10 mile square that was supposed to be DC. That may not mean much to us today, but back in the 1790's and 1800's I'm sure this was mighty helpful.

And speaking of construction symbols, check out these markings on what appears to be a control box for a set of traffic lights:

Those symbols look like they could be a wiring diagram. But why etch them in cement? Seems like overkill. Or, if it does need to be permanently recorded, why not use an official sign?

And check out this masterpiece:

That block of roman numerals in the bottom right hand corner are just begging for a little amateur cryptanalysis. It may not be Kryptos, but I bet it would be fun to try to crack.

And while not a code, I do have to share this license plate we saw as we were heading home. Seems to fit the theme, no? That may be the best use of a vanity license plate. Ever.

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