Monday, November 03, 2014

Some Old School Jewish Texas Wisdom and an amazing information resource

How about a little old school, Jewish, Texas Wisdom?

Wherever there is sacrifice there is love.
An ignorant man owns a deep well of happiness.
Put a little more in than you take out, and your purse will soon fill.
The man who does his best and says little about it is the man to be friends with.
The best things are the most difficult.--Latin proverb.
No one is a fool always; every one sometimes.--Latin proverb.
Some people would rather tell the truth than be popular.
Every woman lives to congratulate herself that there was some man she didn't marry.
Most men would rather take their chances with a plague than with a short-haired woman.
We shouldn't say we have an opinion when we only have another's.
Men who intend to be honest as soon as they can afford to will never think they can afford to.--Grand Rapids News.
To avoid trouble in this world, avoid being born.

The source for the above gems? The October 1st, 1908 issue of the Jewish Herald newspaper, published in Houston Texas. (Also in this issue: Address of a Young Jewess, which breaks down Orthodox and Reform Judaism for the novice).

Issues from 1908 to 1911 are available online thanks to the very impressive Chronicling America project offered by the Library of Congress. Of course, this one paper is just the tip of the iceberg: the project has over 8 million scanned newspaper pages in it, from 1836 to 1922.

The information is so vast, and the search functionality so solid, that one can get lost for hours pouring over this treasure trove of information. Like the Library of Congress images I'm not exactly sure why I need this resource, but I'm so pleased I found it and I can't wait to put it to use.

Here's one fun use: 100 Years Ago Today - which takes you to newspaper issues, you guessed it, that are 100 years old. Fascinating.

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