Monday, January 04, 2016

A Sign My Pockets May be Too Full

Over the weekend we hung out with our friends Erin and Ryan (as well as their adorable kids) and played a heated game of Taboo. In Taboo you've got to get your partner to say a word without using specific words on the card.

The word for me was Whistle. Our conversation goes like this:

Me: It's on my key-chain

Shira: Flashlight

Me: No, the other thing

Shira: Knife

Me: No, the other thing

Shira: Flashlight

Me: No, the other thing

Shira: Compass

Me: It makes noise.

Shira: Whistle!

Me: yes!

And the next card, I kid you not, was Compass. I think I left Erin and Ryan pretty baffled with the size of my key chain.

As you can see, the outcome of the game was almost exactly an even split between the couples:

Good times!


  1. Too much stuff in your pockets? Nevaaahhhh!

  2. That's the spirit!

    Another word was 'notebook' - my clue: "back right pocket". Shira says: "wallet." I respond: "no, that's in my left pocket. I said *right* pocket."

    And I didn't show them my wallet, which contains nothing bug random EDC items, ranging from a plastic bag to flat packs of medication to stickers for kids.