Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Other Make-Winter-Great-Again Mysteries

Today Shira I took a leisurely slog along Mount Vernon Bike Trail. The trail is supposed to be on Arlington's list of plowed locations, though, we quickly realized that the trails are getting no love. There was no sign of snow cleanup along the trail, though there were several cross country ski tracks, which made me smile.

In fact, as we finished our little walk, we got notified that the county was now 55% complete in plowing residential streets. That blows my mind: even 3 days after the storm, there are residents who are looking out at their streets and seeing almost two feet of snow piled up in front of them. No wonder schools still have to be closed. Amazing.

To Arlington's credit, they're trying to keep residents informed and are providing twice daily updates of plowing progress.

By the way: I have no idea what's up with the red hearts in the snow below; they were just there and I grabbed a photo. Are they candy? Soap? I've got no idea.

And in answer to the post's headline, the sidewalk ends a few hundred yards past the Pentagon. Apparently they have their own snow cleanup crews, and they're glad to clean the sidewalk. To a point.

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