Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Adventure Continues on My Android Phone

I just blogged about how I fired up adventure, a very old school text based game, on my Raspberry Pi. The process was actually quite simple, and it's just as straightforward on my Galaxy Note 5. I fired up Gnuroot and typed: apt-get install bsdgames:

From there, I typed adventure and just like that, I was immersed in Interactive Fiction:

Installing bsdgames gives you more than just adventure to play with, learn more here.

Happy spelunking, and remember, beware the knife wielding dwarves!


  1. Have you considered or pursued setting up your Android box for X sessions over SSH? Just curious and kind of related.

  2. Grant - Yeah, I've mulled over X a bit. Heck, Gnuroot has an X-windows startup option. But I haven't figured out a strategy that I want to make a go at yet.