Sunday, January 24, 2016

Recovering from MakeWinterGreatAgain

It's official: we made it through the snowfall of MakeWinterGreatAgain, aka Snowzilla, aka Jonas and now we're on to the cleanup. Our particular street is rated by Arlington County as a secondary priority road, which means that by the time we were done shoveling our driveway, you could see the pavement in front of our house. A number of other streets in our neighborhood, which don't rank on this scale, have yet to see a plow at all. So yeah, nobody's going anywhere tomorrow or probably the next day.

I wanted to do more exploring and perhaps a bit of sledding but Arlington County has been pleading with residents to stay off the roads, including walkers. So we're trying to give the folks doing serious cleanup work a break and staying put. Now I've just got to convince Shira to help me build one of these...

Stay warm and safe.


  1. Whoa, what planet is this?! (Transmitted from ground control Florida)

  2. Apparently a planet that rarely, if every, sees snow :-). We're 3 days into the storm recovery and the county just announced that they're over 50% complete with plowing residential roads. Whoo!

    Yeah, school kids have it pretty good...snows on Friday Night / Saturday and they get most of, if not all of, the week off.