Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Compass Kudos

A few weeks back I noted that my last two attempts at carrying a compass on my keychain had resulted in two out of whack compasses. The compasses in question were the Silva Metro and County Comm SERE. After posting about my experience I dropped a note to both companies asking for help.

CountyComm quickly got back to me letting me know that they'd gladly replace the compass. Silva responded by saying that I needed to contact the Swedish branch of Silva ( not the US. I did so, and they gave me an address in Sweden to send the compass back to.

I quickly scribbled off hand written notes to both companies, dropped the compasses in a regular old mail envelope and dropped them into the postal abyss.

And yesterday, to my shock, I received back two new compasses: one from County Comm and one from Silva in Sweden. Heck, the one from Sweden even had a nice little hand written note:

For now I'm continuing to use the TAC Compass, which is ridiculously tiny, yet still somewhat accurate:

What the TAC Compass loses in accuracy it gains in being so stashable. I'm just hoping it can hold up to the pressures of being tossed in and out of my pocket.

Well played Silva and County Comm, well played.

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