Friday, January 08, 2016

Whoa, you put a magnet where?

I'm not really a body modification guy. I cringe at the thought of getting my ears, or any other body part pierced. And tattoos are a no-no, as well. But here's a fascinating read of someone who took body modification in a (for me) unexpected direction: Body Hacking: My Magnetic Implant.

The best part of having the magnet implant was discovering invisible magnetic fields when I wasn’t actually looking. The first experience I had with this was walking through the intersection of Broadway and Bleecker in Manhattan. I passed through this intersection a few times before realizing that my finger would tingle at a certain spot. After paying a bit more attention, I realized that I was feeling something underground. At first, I assumed it was a subway car, but later came to the conclusion that it was most likely the subway power generator, or the giant fan that was cooling these generators. After noticing these underground waves at Broadway and Bleecker, I began feeling them all over Manhattan.

When I first saw the title of that article I assumed it was someone with a prosthetic limb who was clever enough to have a magnet included in the prosthesis. Turns out, I was way overthinking things. Nope, in this case Dann Berg simply had a magnet embedded in his body. The procedure, as he describes it, isn't particularly invasive, and I was back to thinking of ear piercings and such. If you can modify your body to be more attractive, why not modify it to be more functional?

For now, I'll stick to just being plain 'ol Ben (versus Bionic Ben). But good for Dann and others who are experimenting in experiencing the world in a new way.

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