Monday, May 22, 2017

A Whirlwind Mohonk Adventure

Shira and I just spent an absolutely delightful fun filled family weekend at Monhonk Mountain House. Mohonk apparently has a reputation as being an amazing location, with terrific food and services. They delivered on all fronts.

While we only had a weekend to spend there, we still squeezed in every possible activity we could. As soon as we arrived we checked out the stables and made our way over to the pedal boats. I had Tzipora and Chana in my boat, which made for an optimal crew. Chana is tall enough to help me pedal, while Tzipora was eager to play the role of navigator and manned the rudder. Shira was a little less lucky, as Dovid tried pedaling with his arms since he couldn't quite reach and Gavriella just wanted to touch the water. Mohonk sits on a glacial lake which was dramatically carved out of a rock. We explored various nooks and crannies, but alas, found no buried treasure.

We started Saturday morning by taking Dovid and Chana up through the Labyrtinth, a rock scramble that's on par with both the Billy Goat Trail and Old Rag. We climbed up various ladders, down through crevices and generally balanced precariously on rocks. My fear of heights would have probably kicked in, had I not been solely focused on moving the kids along. They had a blast and never once got remotely nervous.

After the hike, it was time for a bit of pony riding. All four kids took a turn riding horses, and had a blast doing so. From there, it was on to fishing and boating in the lake. Dovid landed the only fish of the day, keeping his fishing streak going. And finally, we hit the pool, where all the kids had a blast splashing around. In the evening, we did one last bit of fishing and hiking, before heading off to a scrumptious gourmet dinner.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday and time to plan our return trip home. After breakfast we had a rousing game of chess, and ultimately called it a draw. And just like that, it was time to get back in the car and head to DC.

What our weekend adventure lacked in duration, it made up with in quality. The quality of people, the place, the food, the views and the activities. I couldn't ask for a more fun packed weekend.

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