Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Capturing the Light-Show Next Door

Last week we had a sweet electrical storm where I managed to grab a few interesting shots of the lightning. For once, we weren't camping *and* I had my camera handy. The results aren't National Geographic worthy, but they're a good first attempt at capturing lightening pics with a smart phone.

These animations are from frames extracted from movies shot with my LG G6. I used VLC to set general bookmarks in the video. I then returned to those bookmarks and used the frame-step command to move frame-by-frame through the videos. Finally, I used the 'snapshot' function built into VLC to take a snapshot of the individual frames. I created the animations themselves by using Google Photo's Create Animation option. I found that selecting fewer frames ultimately gave me better animations.

Next time I'll grab my tripod so the results can be steadier. I'll also shoot in manual mode and fix the exposure to something more sane.

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