Thursday, May 04, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

Yuna's Unrequited Love is a great example of a song's voice over that pulls me in. I'm not even sure why I like it, but it just feels so right.

Forget Let It Go, my kids movie anthem of choice is Shakira's Try Everything. If the philosophy He Who Fails The Most Wins had a theme song, this is it. Besides, I was trying to think of a catchy tune for our 9 month old to rock out to, and this one came to mind.

If haunting Armenian Folks Music is your thing, I've got you covered with this tune.

Speaking of kids music, ARJ's Weak has an unusual distinction: the first time I heard it was on the Disney XM radio station in my car. I've got preset programmed to it so that I can quickly find kid friendly music. Who knew that a song about giving into peer pressure to drink and do drugs would be a Disney favorite? I suppose as kids you don't appreciate most of the meanings behind most songs you hear. Now I know what my parents must have felt when a song that clearly had a subtext about sex came on, and we'd be rocking out to it as a kids.

Vance Joy's Fire and the Flood was stuck in my head for two days straight. I'm sure Shira appreciated me mumbling the the same 6 words over and over again (in my defense, I was doing it with such feeling!). Finally, I did a listening session of Vance's music and got it out of my system.

I'm going through a John Craigie phase: everything he sings, I love. His quirky, funny music is done so very well. Some favorites include The Silver Lining of Trump as President, The Chuck Norris Song' and Let's Talk This Over When We're Sober And Not at Burning Man. He's one clever musician.

On the non-music side of things, this tarp setup is quite interesting: it basically turns tarp into a tent using a single clever fold. With a big enough tarp, this seems quite functional.

Check out all the discoveries here, or click on the video below:

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