Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekly Discoveries - Epic Beards, Distopian Tunes and a Week in the Sonoran Desert

If you're one to believe in the correlation between epic beards and epic music, then have I got an artist for you: Ben Caplan. There's a lot passion there, and yes, I'm referring to both the music and his beard.

I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with Brother Ali's Never Learn. I think it might be Islamic rock, or something. Regardless, it's got impressive visuals, a solid beat and the most modest video dancers you'll ever see (who also bring the skills).

Underflow is my favorite tune from last week. The video is a bit whacky, and the first 50 seconds or so of music weren't anything special. But after the first listening, I was hooked.

Through the Valley by Shawn James & The Shapeshifters is eerie and gritty stuff. However, it apparently it was popularized by a video game that's far eerie and grittier. It's the perfect selection for the distopian video series you're working on. .

I enjoy a good video field report, especially on days when I'm working and would love to be outside playing. It's worth pairing two unlikely videos together: Tom Mcelroy's Week in the Sonoran Desert and HarleyWood23's Summer Get Home Bag Test.

Both are examples of individuals hitting the great outdoors to test a bit of improvised camping. Tom Mcelroy is a professional, and his video show cases what happens when everything goes right. In fact, you nearly want to dismiss his videos because everything goes so well; that's just not real life. And HarleyWood23 is a YouTuber who, among things, reviews knives and guns. He attempted to spend one night out in the woods, and ended up having to call it quits. The contrast between the two experiences couldn't be more stark. In the end, HarleyWood23's video is worth watching just to appreciate that it's easy to yap on about how effortless camping is, and when reality doesn't always bear this out. While he made some rookie mistakes, good on him for reporting his failures and actually getting out there and trying.

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