Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

Mahalia's Begin Again opens with a lyrical tribute to the challenges of romance in the digital age. Here's her opening verse:

You left a like on my picture
So does that mean you’re flirting with me?
You put something cryptic on Twitter
But I don’t know if I should quote or retweet
I’ve noticed you’re checking my Insta more than often
But, I know you don’t follow me
I see that you follow my sister
Oh is that just so you can pree?

Hmmm, the text doesn't do her justice. Just listen to the song.

And speaking of opening lines, I love Jade Jackson's Finish Line, which opens:

I don't care about things
because they don't care about me

Trust me, it sounds much more impressive when it's crooned out to a country beat.

If you're looking for a Father's Day Theme Song, I've got your answer: Sean Rowe's, I'll Follow Your Trail. Sean continues to support my hypothesis that an epic beard can lead to epic music. At first I thought I'd never heard a voice quite like Sean's, but then someone in the comments reminded me of the Crash Test Dummies. Indeed, they're a good match.

Here's a suggestion: Don't Be Racist.

I love the simple elegance of PJ's, This Is What It Looks Like. It's a positive and powerful song, all while being relatively understated. It pairs well with The Chapters', Moving, which is also a tune about not quite fitting in.

Dame D.o.l.l.a.'s, Bigger Than Us takes an alternative approach, and just hits you over the head with messages of hope and peace. Part of me wonders if the video is so over the top it's almost exploitative. I'm probably just being too sensitive, and should enjoy the song for what it is, a very listenable little jam with a happy message.

I don't exactly know what the deal is with The Beastie Boy's Fight For Your Right (Revisited). But I do know that it has a crazy number of well known actors and actresses that appear in it. You have to watch this little masterpiece to believe it.

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