Friday, May 19, 2017

You got scratches on your car? I got a guy for that.

A few weeks ago I answered the question can I squeeze Shira's RDX into that narrow spot? with a painfully loud scraping noise. In other words, no.

Shira, like the calm, loving, rational wife that she is, didn't yell at me or buy a new car, but instead arranged to have Saint Auto Paint come by and fix my oops.

Richard couldn't have been nicer, more knowledgeable or more helpful. He presented us with our options: we could try to get away with buffing and paint, or we could do the full panel replacement. Ultimately, we decided to go the buffing and painting route. Here's a before shot:

And here's an after shot:

While the results aren't flawless, I'm quite happy with results, as well as price tag it took to get there. I love that Richard came to us, and he was so easy to work with.

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