Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

The first clip in the bunch, referring to standing desks, was in honor of my new work setup. "'Can't I just work at it and mind my own business?' ... 'No, you being right means everybody else is wrong. That's what your standing desk is saying to the chair people'". The video is just too perfect.

Roo Pane's Open Road makes me want to throw a bag in the back the car and hit the road. Who's up for an epic road trip?

Feeling Good by Gryffin & Illenium does indeed make me feel good. It's the perfect example of a song and artist I'd never hear on the radio.

SonReal has a number of clever and wholly inappropriate songs, but No Warm Up has to be my favorite. If you're looking for an anthem to go with your cocky, overconfident shenanigans this is your tune. I fully intend to utter first try, no warm-up next time I do something unexpectedly great.

The artist known as Wax is downright super human when it comes to rapping. While This One's On Me is more family friendly and upbeat than many of his songs, it's worth taking the time to watch New Crack just to see his skills. Even if he's reciting the entire song from memory, one still has to ask, how'd he do that?. So amazing.

Watch all the discoveries here or click play below:

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