Monday, February 19, 2007

Just Playing Around

Some games I've played this weekend...

  • Apples To Apples: A word association game that's ridiculously easy to play. What a fun way to get a group of people talking and playing with almost no effort. Best of all, with no writing needed, it's an ideal game for Shabbat (at least, it is for me - YMMV).
  • Wedgits: Yes, I know this is a toy designed for 3 year olds. But this collection of geometric shapes is really impressive. At first glance this looks like nothing more than a pyramid stacking game. But it's so much more - it's actually a way to build sculptures from various basic shapes. Great for your kids, and a fun distraction for adults.
  • Jenga: Always a classic. Like Apples To Apples this is a super easy game to start and keep people involved in. Just stack 'em up, and start pulling out blocks. Sounds simple, but it gets tricky in no time.

Of course, I'm always a big fan of Trivial Pursuit, but it was fun to branch out too.

Have a recommended board game? Share it in the comments, please.

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